Fresh from the elves working bench comes a batch of unholy Reptile fuzzes. Remember this modded Fuzz Face with ultra dark voicing is your perfect partner in crime if you desire thick, sludgy tone with nearly endless sustain and massive lowend. This buddy likes to be played through hi-wattage big stacks but will also deliver its finest bass heavy sounds through your 15 watts practicing amp.

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Look at these sweet little earth shakers ...

... can you hear it whispering? Well I can. It's saying: "Would you play me?
I'd play me. I'd play me hard!"


This small masterpiece is a must-have!The Reptile excels in its dark chocolate lower mid growl. "Though it's not over-the-top gain wise you can get a super rich, fat attack". Get blown away by how touch dynamic this pedal is.

The Reptile Fuzz is a modded, dark voiced Fuzz Face - perfects for thick tones with endless sustain.

Customer quote: "this fuzz doesn't play nice and clean up to gauzey pixie firelight dance mandolin tremolo levels--its full on brootishness frightens the poor little Sidhe into headbanging moshery as they run screaming from their previously peaceful forest glade."

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