Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Triple Motherfuzzer (Reptile Fuzz pt.2)

Fresh from the elves working bench comes a batch of another three Motherfuzzers. Remember this modded Fuzz Face with ultra dark voicing is your perfect partner in crime if you desire thick, sludgy tone with nearly endless sustain and massive lowend. This buddy likes to be played through hi-wattage big stacks but will also deliver its finest bass heavy sounds through your 15 watts practicing amp.

Since some people requested prices for these babies  I'll put some  numbers on the table:

Custom Reptile Fuzz (with whatever colour you want and LED) is 79 Euro +shipping

Shipping to the US is around 10 Euro and slightly cheaper for EU residents...

Get in contact:

Look at that sweet little earth shaker ...

... can you hear it whispering? Well I can. It's saying: "Would you play me?
I'd play me. I'd play me hard!"

The awesome Kayzer himself featured the Reptile Fuzz (aka The MotherFuzzer) in his youtube channel  twice:

Have a look or two and comment this video and subscribe to Kayzer's  youtube channel so you have the chance on winning the blue Reptile. The giveaway ends on the 15th of May 2011 Best of luck!

Shootout between Rogue Sounds Savage Henry, D*A*M Meathead, Sunmachine - Sonic Devices Green Reptile and Jupiter Effects Solitary Fuzz. I love them all!

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