Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

7 Finger Death Punch

Recently another SevenFuzz (see the Baphomet post in my blog) left my working bench. This time it's a requested custom job for a really nice guy with a floral name. Since it has the deriving seven knobs we came across the idea of naming it "7 Finger Death Punch". Accommodating the by itself already outstanding seven knob Fuzz  plus additionally a Green Ringer and a Psychtar. The Psychtar is a discreet Fuzz that switches between a nice octave-up sound and a sitar-emulation. The sitar blooms extraordinary well with bridge and out-of-phase pick-ups. Engage the SevenFuzz as well as Ringer and Psychtar and immerse into Ring-Mod-Octave-Fuzz-Heaven. This device is amazingly wicked.

Thank you Monsieur Kayzer!
Once again you did a masterly job.

This is the Muhammad Ali of Fuzz: "It floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee"


  1. wicked - ly good :D, crazy tone too.. do u sell these stuffs or just a hobby ?

  2. thanks boya!
    it is still a hobby but I build and sell these on request.
    get in contact if you are interested:[at]