Samstag, 10. September 2011

Fuzz O))) - Meathead dark/deluxe clone

Lately a customer asked for a device that would bring him close to the monolithic Sound of drone legend SUNN O))). I suggested some pedals and we agreed on a dark meathead. After some minor changes to the original circuit, the implementation of a low pass filter and three switchable input caps (dark and deluxe specs + ultra evil) which increase the amount of low end let through the circuit, I found the outcome to be quite convincing. At least it does sound like a southern-lord-in-a-box ...


  1. so how much would it cost for you to build another and send it to the US?
    Or the schematic would be cool.

  2. Are you planning on releasing the schematics online?

  3. I, too, would be interested in the schematics of this particular fuzz!