Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Reptile Fuzz: Black 'n' Gold

Recent events force me to dig out this post

This small masterpiece is a must-have!The Reptile excels in its dark chocolate lower mid growl. "Though it's not over-the-top gain wise you can get a super rich, fat attack". Get blown away by how touch dynamic this pedal is. 

Custom Reptile Fuzz (with whatever colour you want and LED) is 79 Euro +shipping

Shipping to the US is around 10 Euro ans slightly cheaper for EU residents ...

Get in contact: sunmachine.design_at_googlemail.com

Thank you Fuzz Box Girl!

The Reptile Fuzz is a modded, dark voiced Fuzz Face - perfects for thick tones with endless sustain.

Customer quote: "this fuzz doesn't play nice and clean up to gauzey pixie firelight dance mandolin tremolo levels--its full on brootishness frightens the poor little Sidhe into headbanging moshery as they run screaming from their previously peaceful forest glade."

Massive low-end dirt tones that grab into your bowels and twist them. Get in contact and get one!

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