Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Obelyskkh - Himmelstrutz Fetto Overdrive

When it comes to low- and midgain distortion the Fetto Standard is probably my favourite circuit at the moment. Since it’s out of production I had to clone it (thanks to Harald Sabro). Make sure to check the great many of new and awesome pedals Himmelstrutz is offering. They have really top notch and versatile all-round pedals.

The Fetto Standard impressed me with its tube-like characteristics and its really wide tonal range going from smooth and creamy to raw and mean with lots in-between. And if that wasn’t enough, you can perfectly adjust the Fetto’s sound to your taste by using the ten-DIP-switch for „bass, mid, gain, treble, bright and voicing“ on the pedal’s inside

The steampunk-wannabe artwork is a tribute both to previous posts „filthy“ Franconian band Obelyskkh and reunited Soundgarden who in 1992 released an EP titled by my alltime-favourite palindrome.

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